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Community Natural Food Store, also known as CNFS LLC located in New Holland, PA, offers a broad range of natural and organic foods, along with a variety of nutritional supplements and homeopathic remedies. How they got to where they are today is a interesting story…

As a young mother, Anna Mary Burkholder faced a choice. When her daughter was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, she needed to decide how to deal with it. The medical prognosis was not overly hopeful, so she began to research alternative possibilities. After studying nutritional and natural remedies and lifestyle options, she chose that route. Today, the doctors say they can find no evidence of the disease. While Anna Mary will quickly deny she claims to have the cure for “whatever ails you,” she has become a firm believer in being careful about the kind of food she and her family eats.

Some people dream of their own business for years before it becomes a reality. For Anna Mary events moved much more rapidly. In the summer of 1999, two small shops specializing in natural and homeopathic remedies came up for sale. Her husband, Henry, thinking ahead to a small business, “something for when we retire” urged her to buy them. Anna Mary didn’t feel she was ready for such a venture yet, but Henry kept bringing it up, telling her- “the opportunity may not be there when your ready. You better take it while you can.”  So in August, the Burkholder’s bought the two stores, and Anna Mary became a store keeper. Over the years the business has relocated, in December 2010, moved into our present location “128 E Main Street”.

Community Natural Food Store carries Natural Foods which are hard to distinctly define, but they try to avoid chemical preservatives as much as possible, often using substitutes such as citric acid instead. They are not processed as hard as many food items and more basic ingredients. They also sell Organic Foods. Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, Milk, and other natural products are grown and processed using no added chemicals or preservatives of any kind. A requirement for the organic label is that the plant must not be GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms). GMO are plants whose genetic structure has been modified. While this can be a tremendous benefit to the producer, the long-term health implications have yet to be determined. We do know that GMO crops, when planted for use the following seasons, will not germinate very well, which means there’s no life there. Does that matter? We still don’t know for sure. Our bodies can absorb misuse for a long time, but eventually it catches up.

Community Natural Food Store also sells a fairly broad range of Herbs, Supplements, and Homeopathic Remedies. Anna Mary does not consider these products as medicine. She says, “We try to not use that word, just to differentiate between the medical approach and the more natural way.” One big difference, she feels, is that medicine is used to cure a certain sickness, whereas natural remedies focus on supplying the body with what it needs, and then letting it heal itself. The staff at the Community Natural Food Store do not offer a specific cure for specific diseases. Rather, they may suggest certain nutrients that have been known to help the healing process for that condition. If you aren’t sure what that nutrient is, they may know from experience; they also have plenty of other resources to help you make an informed decision.

Anna Mary enjoys running the store, not only as a business, but even more importantly, as a way of helping people live a healthy, happy lifestyle. Many customers comment on the smile and the encouragement they receive from the staff at Community Natural Food Store.

One of her favorite quotes goes something like this;

“Build your foundation well, and the rest of the building will go straight. If a tree trunk is strong and healthy, the rest of the tree will be strong and healthy as well. If you feed your children healthy food, you give them a good start, and they will tend to be healthier as they go through life.” Anna Mary sums it up, “If you take care of your body, it take care of you.”

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